All Laughing Dogs Training School holds classes with a qualified, experienced and insured trainer in Ludlow, Shropshire, at a venue in Crossgates, Powys (between Penybont and Llandrindod Wells) and at Llanddewi, Powys..  All Laughing Dogs has been holding classes, 1-1's, and workshops since 2003.  For further information please scroll down and also look at the rest of the website.

My name is Jude McDermott MAPDT UK 00822 and I am a firm believer in the use of gentle, motivational training methods.  I do not use nor do I advocate the use of any type of aversive methods or techniques in dog training.  I am proud to be a member of the APDT UK (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).  All members are assessed according to a strict criteria in order to prove they have appropriate dog training skills and knowledge.   All members are required to keep their education up to date and to adhere to a strict Code of Practise.  No member of the APDT UK uses any type of training methods that includes the use of choke chains, electric collars, rattle cans, spray bottles, pushing, pulling, hitting or yelling etc. at dogs. All members use kind, fair and effective training methods.

The APDT UK is a member of the ABTC (Animal and Behaviour Training Council).  This council has been set up to promote humane practise in the training and behaviour therapy of animals.  They also lobby for the improvement in animal welfare related to behaviour and training of animals.  I am a registered animal training instructor with the ABTC.

My three dogs

In the world of dogs I:


am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT 00822)

am am registered training instructor with the Animal and Behaviour Training Council (ABTC)


am a dog trainer

*have been an assessor for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

* am a behaviourist  

have the OCN from the International Dog Behaviour and Training School

*am a NAC Certified Animal Practitioner for Bach Flower Remedies

am a qualified Raw Dog Food Specialist

* am a Bronze, Silver and Gold Examiner for the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme (KCGCDS)  
* am a Canine First Responder with Emergency First Response  
* am a Canine First Response instructor  
* hold Canine First Aid Courses  
* have served as an APDT committee member and assessor  
* am a Dog Aid (Assistance in Disability) trainer  
* have served as committee member for Dog Aid  
* hold pet dog training classes for Basic Life Skills and Advanced  

hold Social Walks with instruction for on and off lead

* teach APDT UK Good Companion Awards  
* teach clicker training  

teach UK Rally

* hold one to one sessions for training and/or behaviour  

hold certificate for Professional Dog Behaviour Counselling from Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour (John Rogerson)

*hold CAP1 Distinction (clicker trainers competency assessment program) from Learning About Dogs (Kay Laurence) as well as CAP2

*have Certificate in Advanced Nutrition for Cats and Dogs Level 3 from the Animal Care College

*have OCN for Advanced Nutrition for Cats and Dogs at Level 3

*have a certificate Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats Level 2 from the Animal Care College

*I am a recognised trainer for Scentwork UK for Level 1&2 courses



have certificates for attending canine nutrition courses, tracking and nose work courses, agility teaching courses and more…


I regularly attend courses, workshops and seminars in order to learn more and keep up to date with current knowledge and methods for training and behaviour plus other dog related studies.

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