Advanced Classes

All classes that follow on from the beginners course will not only progress the training of skills already learned but will further their training with new skills such as stopping a dog running towards or away from you.. In these classes the handlers will also be learning about more fun and games they can play with their dogs.

 Handlers and their dogs will also be working their way through the APDT Good Companions awards which teach and progress basic to very advanced skills.  There are Certificates and Rosettes that can be earned for each completed level.

Advanced classes will also contain some agility, some Rally, tricks etc.

Canine Fitness with Agility for fun classes are held inside and outside.   To join this class it is necessary to have completed the Basic Life Skills course or similar.

  Rally classes are held indoors all year round. Rally is a new fun dog sport from the U.S.A.  It is aimed at pet dogs and combines some obedience with some agility.  Basically each dog and handler work as a team on a previously set up course.  The dog and handler work their way around the course going from station to station while completing the exercise  displayed at each station.

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