Canine First Aid Course

This one day course is suitable for people who work with dogs and pet dog owners alike.

The course is very much a hands on practical course but also includes work from a student manual and a DVD.

Canine First Responder Training courses are the only courses whose curriculum and manual are approved by the EFR (Emergency First Responder).

This course was created with the help and advice of a veterinarian and other significant members of the canine world.

The course will cover everything from safe scene assessment to Primary assessment, including Canine CPR and rescue breathing with a canine CPR mannequin, plus

  Spinal injury management
  Control of serious bleeding
  Shock management
  Secondary assessment

Splinting broken bones


and more...


If you are ever in the presence of an emergency situation requiring first aid attention for a dog BEFORE it is taken to a veterinarian for treatment this course could help you to have the knowledge and confidence to deal with the situation.

A student handbook is supplied and certificates given on completion of the course.
The workshop is generally held in the Ludlow, Shropshire or Knighton, Powys area.
The price is £80.

Courses can also be held in the venue of your choice providing there are at least 8 attendees, with this booking one attendee can come for free.


For further information and booking contact Jude McDermott at

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